OKAY. So I got QUITE sick after coming back from Ireland which is why I have been a little bit ded online and the blog hasn’t updated yet. I’m 80% better though so I’m currently catching up with it all!
OOOOOOH, and another thing! I’ve had a few people mention to me that they feel 2 panel comics might be slightly too short. I have actually had a bit of an itch to make some comics similar to how I used to make them. The reason I started Beefpaper was to make a diary of my life, that I could look back on to remember the times I have had and stuff (I do do this now and again just to sink in some memories). The main issue though, is that much of my time will shortly be limited because of life commitments, which is why I initially started to do two panel comics in the first place. Drawing these comics doesn’t take up much time at all, it’s animating that does it! *POINTS TO ABOVE COMIC* This took me about 7 hours or so in total to do after aligning the photo frames up (I have super shaky hands and the video I took for this comic was taken on my phone DX) where as drawing them and everything took under an hour.

SOOOOO I’m going to be doing this!-

  • Each Monday I will be uploading a comic which is animated.
  • Every other time I upload they will be the good old three panel comics which won’t be animated.
  • The comic will still be updating twice a week as minimum! Once I get a bit of a buffer up, I could possibly upload three a week, but we will see how that goes! :D

I’m not going to set upload days/times for the other comics just yet as I’m sure they will go into their own update flow naturally. All of this will be starting next Monday.

Since this will be messing up the reward for my $1 Patrons a bit for Patreon, Tash and I will be also be posting up some behind the scenes stuff for the comic so you can actually see what goes into some of the animations and some of the real life situations our characters get into in the comic.

Let me know if you you have any questions about any of this!