Beefpaper is a fun dumb diary webcomic which is sometimes loosely based on the life of a thing called Shane and is sometimes very accurate to the life of the thing called Shane. HOORAY!

Many of the characters in Beefpaper are based on real people, however, Kip for example is fictional. See the FAQ for more info on this kind of stuffs.  As Beefpaper is a diary, I wanted her to act almost like a bookmark for the past year up to the point where this chapter ends. She is also there to help show what I am feeling or thinking during the times/comics she is featured heavily in.

Beefpaper updates anyday I finish a comic, so there is no fixed schedule day (it usually updates with a minimum of two comics each week though!) You can get comic update notifications on Twitter, Facebook, Tapastic, Tumblr, Google+ , Comic Chameleon and the RSS feed, but don’t tell other people that. He makes these comics just for you.






  • Rating: Eh..
  • Location: Dorest, UK
  • Powers: he’s ASEXUAL, he can turn into a tomato but only when embarrassed, he can get very hyper after eating only a tiny bit of sugar
  • Fun facts: he has owned two cars named Sharon, he used to be chubby/overweight, he had very buck teeth, he has a bar permanently glued to the back of his front teeth to stop them from moving, he has never broken a bone, he has a stupid pituitary gland tumor, he was almost named Christopher, he has a cat called Connor who is cute but extremely stupid, he is an organ donor so he might be part of YOU ONE DAY, he glared at a light bulb when he was an angry teenager and it fell out of it’s socket and smashed on the ground, he almost fully vegetarian except on special occasions, he is pretty sure he wanted to be a velociraptor when he grew up, he has a voice in his head which tells him to go buy lego LOTS OF LEGO, he secretly weeped during the end of the first Pokemon movie (he was ten-ish), he has been punched in the face by my Uncle (he’s sure it was an accident…), he is an extremely bad shot with a pistol, he gets all sweaty and nervous while holding a pistol, he was terrified of tornadoes when he was a kid, he had a nightmare about the movie Mars Attacks when he was a kid which he woke up crying about, he cannot drink alcohol because of a broken liver, he likes sitting outside at night sometimes just to listen to the spiders, he wear shorts whenever possible, his shoe size is 10, he has freckle on his earlobe that everyone seems to want to pierce, he was home schooled for a year and a half, he has been locked inside a car boot with a fairly large spider, he loathes mayo, he is possibly the first person in the world to discover that you can use a grape as a stylus for an iPad/iPhone, he like faces, his weight as of 22/06/2014 is 70kg/11 stone, his favourite colours together are white blue and green, he cannot stand reckless drivers or red light runners because they are risking the lives of so many other people on the road and seemingly don’t care about their own lives, he really wants to find a old buried chest or something like that one day, he freaks out if a wasp or bee flies near him and he loves sushi and LOVES SKYDIVING!!!

here’s a picture of me wearing my long lost fish hat made by the incredible Takara Dancy!!




  • Age: 1321 (approx)
  • Location: Somewhere in the UK
  • Powers: she’s demisexual, xenomorph-like hissing, short range fire teleportation
  • Fun facts (use this information wisely, my friends):  Tasha lives on completely the opposite side of the planet to Shane, and despite having the ability to fire teleport, she can only do that short distances, until she levels up. She works as a graphic designer/concept artist at an awesome packaging company. Also known as the ‘Lord of Darkness’ by Shane, and ‘Hoi’ by almost everyone else she knows back in the UK. When she was a mere 900 years old, her best friend was a pet rat called squeaks. She drives around in her flesh-car and the walls of her flat bleed if you scratch them. She enjoys photo-bombing. She has a love for axolotls and cats, her favourite food is a toss-up between potatoes and pasta. She suffers from Migraines but secretly we all know it’s just her brain trying to escape. She enjoys torturing Shane by eating mayonnaise in front of him… If you lose her in a crowd, all you need to do is listen out for her laugh or burp. She has 3 younger sisters, a crazy little nephew and a nutter for a mum (who found Tasha under a rock when she was a mere 200 years old and decided to take care of her). You don’t want to be in a closed, air-tight room with her after she’s eaten Kale. Despite being vegetarian, she has a pure hatred towards peas and raisins, one because of their jackets and the other because they looked like dried mouse poops and ruin the texture of perfectly good sponge cakes. She thinks it’s funny when people think they know her better than she does. Her favourite breed of dog is a Jack Russell. She suffers from night terrors DX. When she laughs a tree somewhere in the world spontaneously catches fire. She usually ad unknowingly ends up talking about poop a lot at work. She and her nephew often enjoy farting contests with one another. She doesn’t drink alcohol, because she doesn’t need to, she acts drunk on any normal days, and even worse after sugar. Koka noodles sustain her. Watch your wallet, she will try to steal it. She is also the artist for the webcomic Tethered!

Try not to show fear.





  • Location: Somewhere in New Zealand, probably
  • Fun facts: kip is fictionalshe lived in a cruddy rubbish skip, she goes flippin’ mental over sushi and TACOS, she a collectormaniac and she has an obsession with collecting bottle caps and adding them to her ‘precious collection’, she’s an indie comic book geek who enjoys reading Tethered, Sketchy Antics, Trivia From Nature, Lindemannade and Nameless PCs (just to name a very few), she regularly slacks off from her job of collecting rubbish around town and isn’t too bothered by the fact she could get fired because of this, she collects and fixes up toys that she may find while picking up rubbish, SHE DESTROYS ANYTHING PINK, she one day wants a kick-butt dog called Hootch (after the dog from the film ‘Turner and Hootch’) and go around fighting crime, she would love to become an aviator one day (one of her inspirations are the women pilots, particularly Jean Batten who made the first-ever solo flight from England to New Zealand)