Beefpaper is a diary webcomic which is all about me because yes. Most comics are based on true events that have happened to me, apart from the more mental things (I’m sure you can figure out the mental things from the real things).

I started Beefpaper to make a visual record of my life as I am a bit of a sentimental git. I make these comics for me because I like the memories they hold for me, but you are very welcome to come over and eat some of my Beefpaper cake. I promise it’s not poisoned <3

Update schedule:

Beefpaper updates whenever. You can get updates on the RSS feed. It’s not anywhere else (or if it is, I didn’t put it there).

Hidden Ghost: 

The hidden ghost is hidden on every comic on the main archive. Here’s what it looks like in the first comic on this site in panel 2-

Sometimes he’s hidden only a little but sometimes I’ve hidden him to the point where he is almost invisible, because I’m mean.  >:D

About me:

My name is Shane Sheenan and I am a twenty something years old (I don’t know anymore, too old) living in Dorset, UK who enjoys eating these tea cakes and collecting old gameboy games.
I used to live in New Zealand which was were I was when the first comic started in 2013. I moved to the UK in early 2016.

Here is some pointless facts about me:

Likes: Sushi (that doesn’t have raw fish), many webcomics, skydiving (I’LL DO IT WITH YOU IF YOU PAY FOR MY JUMP), beaches, Rarotonga (it’s an island look it up jeez), funny t-shirts,  awesome sunny days, pals, beachballs, thai food, pals and beachballs, dinosaurs, Ashens, late night ghost hunting in the woods even though it’s pointless, satay chicken, dungeons (help me find one), cats, awesome upbeat music, the tasha, freedom, travelling, sleep ins, sweet chilli, history

Dislikes: Bees and wasps & every other insect, being stressed, public speaking, conflict about things that won’t even matter in a months time, technology that doesn’t work, sharks, angry people, people who try and push their ways of life/opinions on others, fire, dancing (I’m a muppet), singing publicly (see dancing), seafood, being tailgated/crazy drivers, being murdered/getting frights, big dogs which will eat me, beetroot, being cold

Hobbies: pizza, gameboy and sometimes biscuits

I am also married to my best friend Hoi who does the webcomic Tethered. I also say the word ‘dumb’ a lot which actually means I think something is funny. I can’t stop myself from saying it, which is dumb.

I guess I kinda look something like this but with less hair and more teeth


why is your comic/website called Beefpaper?? it confuses me so much –

I wish I could say I thought it up after several hours of deep thought but it was a spur of a moment thing when creating the domain name for my website. The best thing I guess I could come up with is that it represents the huge ‘beefy’ diary (full of paper!) which I keep under my bed which I write sad entries into every night. part of my diary entry becomes a comic I guess. yes there you go.