Here’s a bunch of comics of me leading up to travelling over to the UK to live with Tasha. It is totally different from the usual dumb 3 or 4 panel comics I tend to do with Beefpaper and it was my first time attempting some kind of comic story. SHANE NOT MAJORLY GOOD WITH STORY BUT IT WAS FUN TRYING IT *EATS ROCKS*

Click on each thumbnail to read dat comic. You can also click on the comics to enlarge them if needed, CAUSE YOU ARE WORTH IT.

It starts with a series of comics I did when I met a random girl named Amber who set my life on the path to met Tash. She played a brief but at the same time HUGE role with getting me back on track with my comics after I got a bit down about my dumb butt tumor and stopped making comics for a while. Without her, I probably wouldn’t have started making the below comics at the time I did which eventually lead me to meeting Tasha! FATE, YO. Tasha also did a massive comic about this also which you can read HERE. (BUT HEADS UP- the page itself contain a lot of large sized images so if you are on mobile data maybe wait until you get home. It may also take a while to load up <3)

Jump forward about 6 months…


The comics from here on in aren’t so much to do with me moving to the UK, but are really the early adventures of Tash and I after the big move. Like the above comic they stray away from the usual Beefpaper format, but I still had a bunch of fun making them, and most definitely learned a lot from doing them! ENJOYS!