Beefpaper is a dumb, weird comic about a muppet who started a webcomic back in 2013, did that webcomic for about 4-5 years, then didn’t do that webcomic. It’s a long story which involves moving from New Zealand to the UK because a sweet, sweet devil made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.

The guy who made the comic (meeee, the Shane) decided to continue doing in again in late 2020. It’s just a hobby and is only gonna be posted here, all alone, in its own dusty (but cozy) corner of the web. No Twitter or any of that stuff.

I also want to do them again as a sort of weird diary, cause I feel like time is going by too quickly and I wanna capture the little times before it all becomes a big, mad blur (I must be having too much fun or something).
Looking through the old comics from 2013-14 does bring back those awesome feels for me, and I want to capture many more times like that now and again when life allows, so HERE WE GO.

I did so many other Beefpaper comics back in the day (like 300+) but it would be an insanely MASSIVE task to re-upload all of them. I am only gonna upload the ‘classic Beefpaper’ three-panel comics for now, and I’m only going to make new comics in that style.
Oh and the photos are gonna be (mostly) raw and unedited like I used to do. Dunno why but I just prefer them that way :3

If you really want all the old comics or are just mad, send me a message and we can sort out something – beefpaper(at)gmail(dot)com

Fun fact: There is a tiny hidden ghost in (almost) every Beefpaper comic on this site. Find them all for no reward! 😀