It turns out that I have too many pigs and ghosts roaming around my destroyed living room so I need to get rid of th-I MEAN I’m adopting out some because they are in need of loving new families around the world! Families that are far, far away from me! :D

I’m adopting them out for $2 a month to make up the damage they have done to my carpet. All adopted creatures will come with their own official adoption certificate which you can print out and put on your fridge or include in your CV before your next job interview or something. New pigs and ghosts occasionally get added below every now and again, especially if they carve their name into my favorite chair, but I’m sure they won’t do that to you. 

You will also receive a desktop wallpaper which has every creature which is currently adopted out on it just going all crazy together. Every time a new creature gets adopted out, I will add it to the wallpaper and put an updated version of it up on my Patreon feed, so keep your eyes peeled. Here’s a low resolution version of the current wallpaper that is out-

If you would like to adopt a thing, click on the big Patreon button below! Sometimes there are non-ghost and pig creatures available for adoption too, so god help us all.