HEEEYYYY, long time no comics amirite?
So here’s what happened- I got super burned out with basically all parts of the webcomic world (mainly trying to make consistent money through them and the really pointless drama in the webcomic world) so I just completely bailed out of it all. Now I’ve sorted myself out with a waaaay better source of income completely away from comics and my brain is fresh and squishy, so HOORAY!
Oh, and I said that I thought I had outgrown Beefpaper a few weeks after posting up the last comic last year, but naaaah, it turns I just needed some serious time away from it all. Sorry about that :(

Now I’m coming back to only do Beefpaper with no strings attached, exactly how I wanted to do webcomics before all that guff that started destroying it all for me. I’m not even sharing it on any other social media sites or webcomic platforms. It’s a dumb comic on a slow butt server with no update schedule about random moments of my life that I can look back at and say ‘yeah I remember that’ and ‘dang that place is gone now…’.  I love those feelings (but seriously, I’ve been going through the main archive of comics over the last week and so many buildings that have actually featured in the comic I can’t go back to now, THE HECK).
If you wanna stick around and see what happens by all means sit down on the pile of old gameboy games I’m accidentally collecting and enjoy!  :D