For those peoples who don’t know who Ryan North is, he was basically one of the biggest influences for why I started comics in the first place. He does the webcomic Dinosaur Comics (LINKY- which gave young Shane inspiration as it showed me any comic can become hugely successful even if that person making the comic couldn’t draw, and back in the day I couldn’t draw at all so this gave me all the hope I needed to make those first steps.
But as all of you know I’m  hugely stupid and weird so when the opportunity came up to say hello to Mr. Ryan when we spotted him in a museum in Leeds for the Thought Bubble comic convention I didn’t just walk up to him and say hi.. oh no no no, I too a dodgy blurred photo of him as we walked by him (as shown in the comic) and tweeted it to him because yes.
This is why you don’t let me meet my heroes because I accidentally stalk them due to my brilliant nerves.
You have been warned Jeph Jacques.
(The next day we did meet Ryan at his booth and apologized for being a weird stalker, but two days after that we met him again at the train station, interrupted his work and gave him some dinosaur shaped cookie cutters because we are normal remember?? GOOD TIMES)