WELL, bye bye another year! Where on earth did that go?
I hope you peeps have been doing well and that the year was good to you all too! I have been up to much but sadly not really any of it fell into this comics grubby little mits this year. I can’t promise that I will be updating this as much as I want to but here are some fun comics for you to visualise in your brain for what happened in just the last month-

  • Learnt to crochet (really). I plan to make a great many granny mats next year.
  • Made a plan to walk from Lands End to John O’Groats (walking from the very south of Britain to the very top). Yes this is how I plan to die.
  • Went to see watch Bill Bailey live. He was a bit of a symbol for me when I was getting to know Tasha so actually seeing him and listening to him take the mickey out of New Zealand accents was PERFECT.
  • Learnt to pick padlocks. IT’S A HOBBY, PEOPLE DO IT AS A HOBBY.
  • Got obsessed with retro games. I made myself play Atari ET until I completed it perfectly. Who doesn’t want to say they have mastered the apparent worst game of all time?
  • Endless hours studying lots of stuff about the UK as I have to do a test for the final part of my visa this coming year. SOON I WILL BE WELL BRI’ISH.

So yeah make those things into Beefpaper comics in your head and you will be sorted. See you in 2022!