I’ve added an extra page to my website for comics that were either removed from the main archive and recently re-uploaded or for any new ‘old’ comics I decide to make and upload (if I wanted to make a comic now about something that happened in 2015 for example). I’ve been having a bit of an itch to make comics to fill in those gaps where I didn’t post up any traditional Beefpaper comics as I was kinda playing around with different comic formats and whatknot (most of those comics have now been removed from the main archive but can still be read here). The page is there to help notify you of any new ‘old’ comics I upload to the main archive, as after I upload them I will place them into the archive by the date the comic is made, so those comics could get a little lost without this page. If you can’t see the big button right next to these words which link to it, then here’s a linky to it.