WHOA WHOA WHOA! Okay, hello!

So, YAAAAAAAY! My site is back up, finally!    \ (>3<) / !!!!!!!

I had to rebuild my website and upload everything from scratch because my old web host deleted all my data off their server before basically abandoning their company, so all of my old blog posts are gone but everything else should be okay. If you notice anything out of place though please let me know!

Also, I’ve updated my Patreon rewards to include early access to the next comic, recognition on the homepage of this site (see belooooow) and for the top Patreons, they get themselves drawn and added to the rotating footer of this site doing whatever with my character! Scroll down and have a nosey!

Oh, and Beefpaper will soon be on the iPhone app Comic Chameleon, which is super cool! It will be live on there on the 23rd of September! WOOOOP!!

It’s good to be back!!