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why is your comic/website called Beefpaper?? it confuses me so much –ghostforaboutpage1

I wish I could say I thought it up after several adventurous hours of deep thought but it was a spur of a moment thing when I was creating the domain name for my website. Heh *shrugs*

is every person in your comic a real person? – 

No, some people are not real, but they are there for a reason! For example, I created Kip to help show how I am feeling, what I am thinking or just what I am going through in the comics she is featured heavily in. She is also there to represent a part of me that I can’t express normally without imposing my own feelings and beliefs on characters based on real people that are already established in the comic.

does everything that happen in the comic really happen to you in real life? –

No, not everything, but I consider Beefpaper to be a diary of my life so everything that does happen in the comic is there for a reason. Some of these reasons are personal but sometimes they will be more obvious based on the actions of the characters. Plus I like looking back at places/photos used in the comic, so it’s also a photo diary for me.

I want to start a webcomic but I don’t know where to start. –

I basically followed this to the letter. This cool dude knows what he’s talking about. Also, THIS by Spike and the last post on Kate Beaton’s about page HERE.


In addition to this, something I came to terms with while creating Beefpaper was that it is  soooo important you make your comics for YOU and don’t ‘follow the crowd’. For example, don’t do what I did soon after starting Beefpaper and make easycheaprelatable comics just for a cheap and quick laugh that will appeal to the masses and which will probably be forgotten within two weeks. I have learned to make these comics for myself, not for quick popularity. I have seen a few creative comic people convert to this ‘relatable laugh’ method of making comics since I have started out to just get more views when before their work was fun, creative and original, which, in my opinion, is worth so much more.

Beefpaper is basically a diary of my life, so why fill that diary with money/popularity-making commercial breaks? YUCK DX  I hope to look back at these comics I am making many years from now and soak in the memories of those average days I would of totally forgotten otherwise. For me, that alone is worth way more than any amount of money I will ever make from the comic. I’m making Beefpaper for that reason, so think about why you want to make your comic, even if you have already started. I had to get my feet wet before realising that. I think to round this blurb all off – do it for yourself! :D

Apart from that, it’s all about practising, putting stuff out there, and asking for feedback (be it good or bad). I think it’s important to hear from people what they think of your work so you can work on improving it, but that’s just me.

Oh and ALSO, don’t be afraid to put your stuff up online. JUST FRIGGIN’ DO IT!

what do you use to take the photos for Beefpaper? –

I use either a Samsung S5, an iPhone 6 or a Canon EOS 1100D. I am not a professional photographer at all, so pardon the butt quality of some photos. I’m going to try and learn to do this better though, probably. I take nearly all the photos used for Beefpaper (one of my pals may take one sometimes).

Can I send you photos to use for the comic? –

Sure thing egg!

Why do Shane and Tasha call each other ‘egg’? –

‘Egg’ is a New Zealand slang word which basically means someone is an idiot or clown but in a nicer way. We started calling each other it one day and it just sort of stuck with us and it’s now a thing UwU