Heyyy guyyyyys, I just wanna give you an update on what I’m doing with Beefpaper.

You may have noticed that updates have been kinda erratic for Beefpaper over the last… 2 years or so, and odds are that this isn’t going to change anytime in the future.

The truth is that I think I’m slowly growing out of Beefpaper and I am wanting to focus on other things in my life. I don’t think I’ll ever stop doing Beefpaper or webcomics (I’m still working away on my other webcomic Little Ankylebyters for it’s reboot in many years time from now) but for the meantime things will be super erratic, so nuts.
I’m also removing all of my Patreon rewards except for the $1 early comic option soon, so just a heads up on that too.

Thanks for being awesome once again you guys!