Sometimes I upload comics to the site for times that have long since past (or I re-upload some long lost comics I took down for one reason or another). If you are wondering how I can make a comic in 2017 of me dropping pasta on the ground from October 2014 and even have photos of that day, it’s mostly because I take photos of my life nearly every single day (surprising right?) and I sometimes write down things I do into an rough online calendar diary I have been doing every now and again since 2006. I’m a bit of a sentimental sod if you can probably guess, even for dropped pasta.

Here is the full list of comics that I have been adding to the archive since August 2017. The most recent comics to have been uploaded will be above the black line. Just a note that these comics are all in the main archive, this is just so you can see the newly added comics easily <3