Being in a very small town at the top of New Zealand, my opportunities for taking interesting photos past beaches, forests and my house are a bit limited, so I need your help! I need your photos to use as backgrounds and stuff for the comic!

Just anything really! Photos of your everyday places that you think I could use!

If possible, they should be:

  • Have a DPI of 300
  • NOT taken from Google image search or anything as that might be breaking copyright law. I want the photos to be taken by awesome fans!
  • If possible, please include your name in the photos file name (shanesbutt.jpeg). It just makes it a butt load easier for me to give credit to you if I use your photo for a comic! No biggie if you can’t though.

Photos taken with iPhones or fairly newish smartphones and tablets still seem to come out fine, so feel free to take them using those if you don’t have a digital camera. Also, take into the account of where the characters might stand, because they needs space to exist in the comic.

ALTHOUGH SAYING THAT, it sort of gives you a bit of control to how the comic may come out depending on how you take the photo, so feel free to ignore what I just said about that.

Oh, and any photos you take that will be used for the comic will be credited to you at the bottom of the comic!

Send your photos to:



Thanks so much for helping me create a better Beefpaper!!

(I have been noticing that a lot of photos are going straight to my SPAM, so if I take a while to get back to you it’s because of this)