She made the top 2 guys, which is one heck of achievement!! Thank you guys for all your support, it really means to world to us….PLEASEHELPTASHA8.1

GUYS!!! Tethered has gotten into the TOP 16 (NO, TOP 8!!!) (TOP FOUR!!!!!!!!) (TOP TWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) of the Line Webtoons sci-fi competition!! THAT’S INSANE!! I am asking a massive favour from everyone reading this. Please click on this link, hit that rate button and give her 10 stars and, most importantly, give that little vote button a quick click! They are both highlighted in red boxes in the below screenshot. And just so you know, you can vote once a day for her (and actually a few more times if you have several different Facebook and Twitter accounts   XD).

2015-07-09 15_48_58-Tethered, List1 _ LINE Webtoon

The top prize for this competition is an amazing $30,000 @__@
Tasha is my best friend, and believe me when I say that she absolutely deserves to win this… It will absolutely mean the world to me if you do this for her….

Just thank you guys so much… Just so, so, so much!!!