UPDATE 3RD AUGUST: I have updated rule 4 below as we have realised that I failed to clarify something super important when I first announced this contest. I forgot to add that no custom cut-outs or drawings are allowed for the comic you submit. The reason for this is so everyone works on an even level and therefore everyone has a fair chance to win. I understand that this has probably stuffed up some comics in progress for you guys and I am really really sorry for that ;__;


Hey guys! Now that Beefpaper has lots of SUPER AWESOME readers, I think it’s time to have some fun and hold a competition! There’s loads of goodies up for grabs, such as a Beefpaper t-shirt, a signed Beefpaper postcard, a Beefpaper car bumper sticker and your very own appearance in a comic :D!!!

Now for the competition:

The top winner will create the most entertaining comic strip only using the templates provided. Simple right?!



  1. FIRST RULE IS A BIGGIE – You cannot use any copyrighted images for your submission. I’m sure we all don’t want to go to jail U__U
  2. If you want to enter, you need to make sure you like the Beefpaper Facebook page AND share either this post on Facebook or retweet this tweet on Twitter promoting the competition! (I’ll need a screenshot or similar of you doing this if you are picked as a winner, gotta be honest now!)
  3. You must use the 4 panel template supplied below for the competition.
  4. UPDATED 3RD AUGUST: You are only allowed to use the cut-out templates/poses of my character supplied below, and you cannot use the same pose more than once (also, custom made cut-outs and drawn in characters are not allowed, as we want this contest to be fair for those who can’t draw).
  5. The backgrounds can be absolutely ANYWHERE! (as long as there is no copyrighted content in the photos) See this for more info.
  6. You must use your imagination!
  7. You may use, but not restricted to, the word bubbles provided.
  8. No x-rated or offensive material! It’s gotta be work friendly and fun!
  9. No discrimination, you will be banned from this competition and any further ones I may hold.
  10. Only one entry per person allowed.
  11. You must physically cut the character poses out and use them for the contest. Once they are cut out, you can use them however you like to make the comic!
  12. Animation is optional! >w<


Here is a dumb butt example of a comic entry:


Competition length:

The competition will begin on the 19th of July and entries will close 19th of September (you will have two months to submit your entry!). The winners will be announced 27th of September!


When you’ve finished and ready to submit your entry, please email it as either a PNG, GIF or JPEG at no larger than 2MB to along with your name!

Picking a winner:

There will be 3 winners altogether, the main winner and two runner-ups. They will be chosen using a panel of judges who are all artists themselves (none of which will be allowed to participate in the competition) and will look at creativity, humour and the intuition of each comic, which they all must agree on and keep it fair. I will not use a voting system, the reason being – it’s not entirely fair. I’m worried that people will get all their friends and family to vote for them rather than it being an equal chance to everyone who enters.



Click on the templates below to get super huge versions of them suitable for printing on A4:

 Frames1 Poses1 Poses2 Balloons1 Balloons2

That’s all there is to it, so get creating! If you have any questions then email me at!