This page is dedicated to all the amazing people who are currently supporting Beefpaper on Patreon, because they are AMAZING and I LOVE THEM.

If for some reason are also awesome and want to help support me/Beefpaper I’ve setup a bunch of rewards you can get in return such as early comics, getting your name/face on the thing below, adopting out a thing (a full list is below), and even a twice monthly hangout/D&D campaign.
All the info can be found by clicking on this very sentence which is super long just because I am really bad with sentences.


It turns out that I have too many random creatures roaming around my destroyed living room so I need to get rid of th-I MEAN I’m adopting out some because they are in need of loving new families from all around the world! Families that are far, far away from me! :D

All adopted creatures will come with their own official adoption certificate which you can print out and put on your fridge or include in your CV before your next job interview or something.

Also, on every yearly anniversary of you adopting out your little nightmare I mean bundle of joy, you get a little medal on your adoptable which starts from Bronze at the first anniversary and goes through to Silver, Gold, Platinum and finally Diamond. Every time you reach one of these yearly milestones, you get another medal on your adoptable and can make a change to your adoptable in some way such as adding an accessory such as a hat, a change of skin colour, or even replacing the boring blade on your adoptables sword with a flaming blade, it’s your call! Only one change can be made per medal though, IT’S DA RULES.

To adopt one of these little angels, click on the big button below!